The New Generation Initiative

A blog post dedicated to each and every of my readers. This is my first blog. At least, it was. Writing has always been an escape for me, and a great way to express frustrations, suggestions, ideas. I've never truly considered to start writing until last year, when I've started . Coming from a... Continue Reading →

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Self deprecation or over evaluation? Which one, and why?

Extremes are examples of diversity all around us, all around the world. Cultural, intellectual, and behavioral are just a few examples. Extremes are what draw the top and bottom line in a given context, they are our unit of measurement, and sadly, often times they are defining factors that play a role in the development... Continue Reading →


Is it wrong, or is it right,What it says, through day and night?Is it dark, or is it light,The memory of that last goodbye? Once it told me, whispered slowly,About tears, and feeling lonely.Once I asked it, how's it feel,What's the price, of being real? And through cracks, of dirty glass,Through it's fractured self reflection,Spoke... Continue Reading →

The path to follow through today’s reality.

Unique. A fitting verbal representation when it comes to describing us, humans. Through our intellect, we have became something no other species could replicate. We are able to love, to think, to act, and most importantly, to judge. Judgment is a key factor that can make the difference between life and death, between success and... Continue Reading →

The poet and the knight

Once upon a darkest night,Lost between the waves of time,Stood in front of preying eyes,Just a poet, and a knight.____________________________________Looked upon with much disgrace,Hated from the earth to space,Bent a knee to death itself,That who fought, and fought itself. ____________________________________ As the dawn just broke the darkness,And their hearts have burn the brightest,Stood in front,... Continue Reading →


Slowly fading into the darkest depths of night, It is only human to wonder, whether to be, or be alright. Is it worth, or not the fight, will these words just make it right? This is when, we see the light, and slowly fade, like worthless dimes. This is when, we weep our eyes, and... Continue Reading →

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